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Leading Edge Medical Services We Offer

Finding a neighborhood medical clinic that provides all types of diagnostic and treatment options under one roof is what we can offer. Leading Edge Medical, located on the Northwest corner of Val Vista and Ray Rd in Gilbert, Arizona welcomes new patients from all surrounding neighborhoods.

Auto Injury

One of the most stressful times in your life is dealing with an auto-accident. In this moment it is easy to neglect your health and your even somewhat seemingly insignificant injuries. Don't neglect yourself! Don't let this lead to even bigger and more aggressive problems months down the road. To ease your stress we offer ZERO out of pocket cost to accident victims.


Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to live with arthritis pain. Treating arthritis requires a proper diagnosis since arthritis has so many causes. With the help of the arthritis experts at Leading Edge Medical in Gilbert, AZ, you can get the arthritis treatment you need. Schedule your appointment online, or call the office today. The caring team provides flexible scheduling, allowing you to start getting relief from arthritis pain, beginning today.


Successful rehabilitation requires not just a knowledgeable medical professional, but also one who is caring and supportive. You get that one-on-one care at Leading Edge Medical. The medical team helps you recover from surgery, teaches you pain management techniques for chronic conditions, and helps you heal after an injury. Get started on your rehab treatment by calling the office or booking an appointment online. You usually can begin your rehabilitation within a few days.


Living with chronic fibromyalgia pain can leave you feeling hopeless. But relief is available at Leading Edge Medical. Leading Edge Medical specializes in finding the root of your pain, then working with you to start just the right treatment for your needs. When you call the office to make an appointment, or book one online, let the team know about your fibromyalgia pain concerns. We’re confident our team can put you on the road to feeling better.


​Sharp, shooting pains radiating down your leg is often a sign of sciatica. The medical team at Leading Edge Medical, one of Arizona's only clinics offering advanced treatments for sciatica pain. Once you begin treatment, you notice fewer issues with sciatica, as well as a decrease in your pain.

knee Pain

Knee pain makes even the simplest of tasks an unbearably painful chore. The highly skilled physicians at Leading Edge Medical have extensive experience in diagnosing knee pain sources. Whether you’ve had prior knee surgery, have a new knee injury, or are suffering from arthritis, you get the pain relief you need. Call the office or schedule your appointment online. The scheduling team welcomes new patients who are dealing with knee pain and schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Lower Back Pain

Whether you’ve had an injury that causes your lower back pain, or if you have no idea why you’re in pain, you shouldn’t have to live with chronic back pain. At Leading Edge Medical, the expert medical team pinpoints the source of your lower back pain. Many times, when you book your first appointment you can start your treatment during your first session. Even if you’ve had unsuccessful treatment for lower back pain in the past, you can get the help you need at Leading Edge Medical.


Migraines can be paralyzing, forcing you to miss work or your favorite activities. The migraine experts at Leading Edge Medical understand your pain. Not only can they treat your migraines, they can help prevent migraines from occurring and reduce the severity of your migraine episodes. Schedule your first appointment online, or call the office. You can start treatment right away, allowing you to return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Invisa Red

Invisa Red Weight Loss Technology

Our Invisa Red laser system offers a variety of services including weight loss, body sculpting, stretch-mark fading, skin tightening and cellulite removal. Our technology is non-invasive and uses state of the art laser technology that won't leave you lumpy like some other cold weight loss therapies can do. It is also not diet and exercise based which makes it an easy for someone to achieve their weight loss goals!


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